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  Blog  > January Writing Prompt: A Skill I Want To Learn January 13, 2021 Since I’m 80, soon to be 81 years old, the life skill I want to learn is how to lay my life in God’s hands so that I won’t be so fearful. Most of the time I don’t consciously depend on Him, but I do consciously pray to God every day. Whenever in recent years, I’ve neglected to pray in the morning, I am out of sorts that day. But beginning in March of 2020, I have never ever been that afraid! That's when our world was hit by COVID-19, a flu virus. It is still present, thousands of people are dying every week. However, a flu vaccine has been developed this month, January 2021. Along with health workers and other essential workers, we senior members are included in those being inoculated first. My appointment is Friday, January 15, at IU Ball Hospital. Both my youngest son and my only daughter have already had their first shot. They and all of us will later have another shot. I pray to our Lord that this
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Well, I know that I have not written anything on my blog since I moved to my sweet little house.  And now it's been almost FOUR YEARS! Too much of life has gone by for me to write details here. But I will say that I finally am ready to get back in the swing of things. Wish me luck, and I hope that my blog will be enough for you to join me each week. Here is my adorable home...    

Organic and Fresh Salad

  The beans seen above and layered on my salad below are grown by my granddaughter Candice.  The name of the beans is Tanya's Pink Pods. All veggies on her Earth Candy Acres farm are organically grown. The beans are delicious and tender, making a grand addition to my salad. Topping the veggies are dried cranberries, adding a bit of sweetness.

Pondering about My Blog

I've been through quite a bit these past months that I haven't posted.  First, packing and moving and then unpacking . The first step of unpacking was my taking down boxes that were five and six boxes high.  About two weeks after I’d moved and was in the midst of unpacking, I developed horrendous pain in my ribs. I slathered on my gel I use to alleviate Fibromyalgia pain. Realizing that even that was not helping. Trying to make a long story short- Asked for pain pills No help; asked for another kind Doctor wanted to see me Went in- he didn’t understand why I was still in pain Sent me to get x-rays Diagnosis: compressed fracture in my 9th vertebra Cause: osteporosis Now on meds for that I’ve discovered that anytime I overdo, pain comes back, not quite full-blown, but enough that I must stop doing whatever I’m doing. That includes sitting at my computer writing. I wanted to bring my friends up-to-date; I’m pondering whether I should stop blogging altogether o

Moving Time

In the Midst of Packing January 3, 2017 I will be moving soon to a smaller home and close to my youngest son, Daddy of Miss Bright Eyes. So I’m taking a break- I have been purging for weeks now, but I’m not finished. Whew!  So I won’t be posting till after the move and settling into this sweet abode. Happy 10th day of Christmas!

Macro for the 9th Day of Christmas

Christmas ornaments on the 9th day of Christmas potted Norfolk pine shared with Gemma and MMT's MACRO MONDAY 2

Happy Color

standing at this wall my heart sang its happy song in the key of blue