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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Husband's Marker

showing gratitude for my own special vet'ran with flowers and flag
All flags, large and small ones at grave site are furnished by a volunteer group at Elm Ridge Cemetery  where my husband is buried.
sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday 2 hosted this week by  Gemma Wiseman

Signs, Signs and Weekend Reflections: Toy Store

sign: Toys Forever  not just for kids' enjoyment, but for all childlike
sharing with Lesley's Signs Signs

and with James'
Weekend Reflections #243

ABC Wednesday: Sunlight & Shade

graduation fete in peaceful, tranquil back yard  praise for Brenna's feat!
I love the play of sunlight and shade in this serene back yard.
Granddaughter Candice and fiancé Geoff  came to celebrate with Brenna, who was Candice's first friend in grade school.
sharing with ABC Wednesday created by Mrs. Nesbitt hosted this week by Troy