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Random Five Friday: Christmas Nostalgia

Random Five Friday Jan. 10, 2014
1. I’ve been in nostalgic mode  since I discovered photos  of my family taken during the season of Christmas 1965.
2. In those days, we had at least three different family gatherings- First- at either my cousin’s or her mother’s home  for the Kern side of the family. 
Second- at my husband’s sister’s home.   Third- the one in our home on Christmas Day  with our 3 kids (youngest not yet born), my brother and my parents.
3. I was without water for two days this week;  thankfully I had filled all available containers with water,  and had done all my laundry  before Tuesday the 7th when I discovered water pipes had frozen.   4. I am blessed that I had the money  to pay for a plumber to thaw out the pipes.   And I’m grateful for a well-heated home and food to eat. 5. One of my favorite people came to have coffee with me today.   She always spends  a bit of January 11 with me.  (It’s the anniversary of my husband’s death.)   She brightens and entertains me with her chatting .   Sh…

Day 8 of Small Stones: Frozen Landscape

Visual beauty,  frozen in time, yet a heartbreaker for those who are homeless.

Small Stones: January Mindful Writing Challenge

My Small Stone: Water's Song

the sound of water trickling down into the sink, a melodic tune after being without water for two days

my small stone for January 7, 2014

Mornings with Mary: The Virgin Mother

Beloved Mother, we come to you with our prayers,  help us be strengthened
to follow your Son  in the way that you modeled, with true deference.

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Wordle #142: A Story

Word List: spare   sky   scarlet   struck   behind    save   expect   might   caress   pair   first   bit  

My first thought this morning  upon discovering no water flowing  when I turned on the taps:  What did I expect upon hearing the forecast  of negative temperatures?  Why didn’t I follow through  when struck with the idea of leaving a faucet open,  dribbling water through the night?   Of course, looking behind usually brings forward intelligent advice.  Next, running through my brain:  Frigid temperatures, radiating from the snow-filled sky,  freezing my water pipes,  spare my being stuck inside and developing ‘cabin fever’! At least, a bit of logic  did caress my mind so that I filled five containers  with water, just in case.   How will I save water,  available only from containers filled last night,  hoping against hope that the pipes would not freeze? Might I picture Lady Luck  warming the pipes enough so that water will yet begin to flow?   Should I delve more deeply into Fantasyland  and picture Lad…

Small Stones for 2014

Weather forecast: minus 21 degrees Time for old-time remedies for warmth, stones warmed in the fireplace? What say ye?

my small stone for Writing Our Way Home

Postcards from Paradise: Away in a Manger

Away in a manger, no crib for His head, the little Lord Jesus  lay down His sweet head. The stars in the sky looked down where He lay. The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.
A reminder from our parish priest:  It is still the Christmas season and will continue to be until next Sunday.
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Postcards from Paradise: Sleeping "Angels"

angels, are they not? behold the cherubs' slumber safely enfolded
I figure that since Jax and Ting Ting are so much a part of my life, that surely God could deem their presence as close to being angels.
linking to the supreme hostess Rebecca at Postcards from Paradise