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World Gratitude Day

World Gratitude Day A strange concept, being thankful around the globe just one day a year out of 365 days! In the past, I have written in my journal five things for which  I am appreciative on a daily basis. However, I do see the virtue of proclaiming a World Gratitude Day… clarifying to everyone, that no matter our economic status,  where we live,  in what kind of abode in which we dwell,  our outer shell's appearance,  what religious faith we practice,  each of us  has reasons to be grateful.
In addition, I include a quote here from my daily devotional, the Magnificat:
“We who take access to words for granted  should pause to be grateful to those  who preserved the Gospel words  so carefully  and spread them to the utmost bounds of the world  without benefit of the printing press  or instantaneous media.” ~Magnificat: Saturday morning, September 21~

Haiku My Heart: Harvest Moon

facts about the Harvest Moon can be found here

License Plate: JAYS 26

license plate with Jays 26 the message?
Just teasing! I know the meaning of it. My friends are the parents  of Adam Lind who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Details about Adam Lind can be found here, hereand here.

ABC Wednesday: J as in Jungle

I savored walking  the river trail yesterday. temperature was in the 60s warm enough to wear a denim shirt sights changed from the last trek perhaps I let my imagination run wild, but I was feeling pleased and glad to be mobile.
Here's an extra photo I had fun editing:
linking with great pleasure to ABC WEDNESDAY hosted by Roger created by Mrs. Nesbitt

Mornings with Mary: My Journey

Signs of Autumn