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Shadow Shot Sunday: Shadow on a Drawing, Update

Addendum: I fret sometimes about my memory. For instance, when I did the upper post, I asked myself, "Self, why on earth would I not capture the name of the store?" Self had nothing to say. Luckily, today I was searching for a photo to go with another meme. Behold, I found the other photos  I took that had to do  with human trafficking shared by this wonderful store in our mall. Human trafficking is an example of how inhuman humans can be towards each other. Here are the photos;  I hope they speak to your heart.

My Litany of Gratitude

My Litany of Gratitude
For every breath I take,
May I be aware of each.
For the ability to walk,
May I appreciate this gift with each step I take.
For my sight and hearing,
May I listen the Gospel and view my place in it.
For the Word of God,
May it show in my actions.
For Jesus’ dying and resurrection,
May I show my thankfulness in all that I do.
For my sins which have been forgiven,
May I venture forth with determination to do better.
For the love of family and friends,
May I return that love with awareness.

The ladies' Bible Study in my parish are studying the spiritual book Abide by Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB. The author wrote the book as an invitation  to invite the reader to make the Word of God one's home through the practice of lectio divina. The detailed explanation about this practice was  taken from the Wikipedia site. I pray that our blessed Mother will assist me in making this beautiful tradition a life-time custom for my daily prayer life. In ChristianityLectio Divina (Latin for divine readin…

Weekend Reflections 184: Store Window

Himmelsk: Grey Sky

A Memory of My Momma and Music

A Memory of My Momma and Music   
April 3, 2013 During my youth, my momma and I enjoyed music from her extensive record  (meaning 78 rpm and LP [33 1/3 €] ) records.   Some genres that she introduced to me were  Ragtime, Blues and Big Band Era.   However, she also had an album  of Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite.”   I see myself now in the living room  of our upstairs apartment on West 10th Street.
As I view this scene, the 7 year old girl takes the 33 1/3 € disc  out of the yellow-covered album  and places it on the record player gently,  she lays the needle gingerly on the outer edge of the record.  Now she is raising her arms to wave them to  the rhythm of the songs, imagining herself the conductor  of the Boston Pops Orchestra.   (This orchestra is a guess so many decades later.)   She plays some of the songs so many times  that the ridges wear away.   Her mother never says to her,  “Do you have to play that again?”   One may wonder why she did not  since the apartment is old with little insulation  and …

ABC Wednesday: Light

Mornings with Mary: St. Bernadette

Quotography: Clouds

Quotography: Clouds

Easter 2013