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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Photo Walk

up the wall climbs the  bent shadow how playful!
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Photo Walk

buildings reflected surprise- I'm standing right here but not visible!
Our teacher guided us to stand in front of the joint of the two rounded panes of glass,  leading us to realize that we cast no reflection.
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Signs, Signs: Hotel to Apartments

The January 16, 2014, issue of our local newspaper reported that the new senior apartments would soon be completed.  Well, as of this past Saturday, June 14th, my fellow workshop mates know that it still is not complete.  We were able to get a peek into the lobby.
The four signs I’m contributing this week were taken at The Lofts at Roberts. 
A bit of history: The Roberts was a beautiful hotel when downtown was the place  where Muncie shopped in the 1940s and 1950s.  Muncie Central High School’s proms were held there in the large ballroom. With the building of the Mall in the 1970s, it pulled shopping away from the downtown area to the northeastern edge of town.  One of the signs says the apartments are affordable. To me, affordable is a subjective word so I went to The Lofts at Roberts web site to get a better idea of the monthly cost.   Here it is: One bedroom is $411-$512 for 707 square feet to 938 square feet Two bedrooms cost $491-$612 for 982 square feet to 1263 square feet I am curiou…

Rubbish Tuesday: Rusted Pipe

rusted pipe found down an alley not in use?
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Semi Series

As you may have noticed for this series of photos, I stood in the same place for each one. What I did do was to use the 'sport continuous' setting to achieve almost a video effect, similar to  the old cel by cel fanning to make 2-D characters appear to be moving.

I used Windows ‘retouch’ editing tool  to eliminate a pinkish light that streamed from the sky  at the top through the cab of the truck in photos 5-7.   In its place is the black line on the truck, not affecting the blue sky.   If there is someone who can enlighten me as  how to avoid this flaw in the future, I would appreciate knowing.

This series was taken yesterday  during the photo walk our class took  in Muncie’s downtown area.

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