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Weekend Reflections: Ivy Tech Windows

Ivy Tech whose windows sport reflections.
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My Random 5 for April 4

1. I was privileged to have been in a jam-packed Emens Auditorium  yesterday afternoon to listen to the compelling story of Eva Mozes Kor.   She is not only a Holocaust survivor,  but she and her twin sister Miriam survived  the inhuman experiments done on twins by Josef Mengele,  known as “The Angel of Death.”   When my two friends and I arrived at the lecture hall,  there were curtains drawn across the half closest to the stage,  and the balcony was closed.   As the time drew nearer to our viewing the documentary film "Forgiving Dr. Mengele",  we noticed that the curtains were drawn back esposing the back half,  and the balcony seats were being filled.   Ball State University’s Jewish Studies Program and Emen’s staff  were not prepared for so many of us  wanting to hear Eva’s story.   The film documents time and again that the Holocaust did happen.  And this story should be told again and again  so that those who dare to revise this part of our history  will have no audience.   Thanks are owe…

ABC Wednesday: Landscape

The landscape around our county building has changed tremendously since last I had been downtown.  Gone are the enormous concrete embankments that prevented anyone from getting anywhere near the front doors of it.  Now there is a circular drive that even has parking for the disabled.   I suspect that it was done to bring the building up to federal code pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  It will help us older folks too who find numerous steps to climb an arduous task.  

This clock is also new to the area. 
TheGoddess of Agriculture and the next two statues were part of the previous building known as Delaware County Courthouse.   Thankfully, they survived the demolition of that beautiful building. Goddess of Industry
Chief of Delaware Tribe

Built in the 1880s,  the Delaware County Courthouse  was demolished in the 1960s. photo found here:
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Signs, Signs: No Skateboarding

Yesterday I was downtown on a personal errand. Since I hadn't had the inclination for a photo walk in some months, I took a turn around our  county building.  I observed these two signs stating: NO SKATE BOARDING. The second one is at the entrance to a ramp going down.  To where I know not.

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Happy Birthday, Momma

Happy Birthday, Momma April 1, 2014
Happy Birthday, Momma! I am sending you a Spiritual Bouquet to celebrate your everlasting love that  you showed Charlie and me throughout our childhood years  and into our adulthood. You were always there  for whatever tribulations  we encountered,  and you were certainly there  for all our milestones. No matter how many years have passed,  there are times I wish that  just one more time I could hear your laughter, like when you blitzed Charles playing gin! Are the two of you now playing cards? I hope so. Momma,
here are your birthday cards:
Our Blessed Mother is
holding the rosary made with the roses
from Father Keane's funeral.

Happy birthday from all of us! I love you, Norma Ruth

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Mondays with Mary

Questions for Blogspot Bloggers

After prayer and days of pondering, I honestly do not like the idea of beginning a new blog and all the minutiae that goes with that. The idea that finally drifted into my head is to combine the essence of both my blogs into one.  Also I will combine their titles into one.  For example, Nonnie'sFaith in a Bottle. My questions:  1. Will my blog continue keeping my followers,  just by changing the title (the header) in the Layout section?  2. Or do I have to start a new blog? 3. Has anyone done this before? 4. Were there any diverse consequences? Please honor me with your ideas and/or advice. Many thanks!

Postcards from Paradise: Kitties' Version

kitties' Paradise, the gift of feeling secure with one another
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At A Loss for Words

Here I am again,  Lord, facing a blank page with an empty mind,  wondering why my love for the written word  is hampered by the inability to forge the right ones in an easy flow.  And has my passion for photography disappeared  or is it suffering from not being fed by frequent changes of scenery?   I thought that I had fared so well in this past season of little light.   I had even been able to exercise with a reasonable frequency.   Or is it something I fear even more than death,  the loss of myself in that dreaded disease Alzheimer? Am I being consumed by that green devil called Envy?   Or is it despair disguised as admiration  thinking that those bloggers I marvel at have no problem  with the flow of words onto the page,   that their Muses visit them often  with their gifts of word-weaving,  and clear visions of just the right likeness  to accompany their verses?   Or, horror of horrors,  have I approached my blogs with the wrong attitude-  the desire of having a massive number of visitors to my sites…