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Oak Tree Shadow

Triptech Reflections

Scenic Weekend: Airport in Hawaii

Bird at My Feeder

Signs: Dollar General

ABC Wednesday: 'B' Words

List of What Makes Me Smile

What makes me smile? Myah's laughter, her curly hair, the memory of holding my own babies, toddler learning anything new,
waterfalls, birds at my feeder,
colored pencils, crayons,  music from flutes or string instruments, panoramic view of a river, Jax's purr, feeling the soft fur of my Siamese, the light bulb effect when a student "got it", rainbows, sunshine, fresh blanket of snow,
the tender and loving healing that radiated through me 
when my husband would touch me, prayers being chanted, the sound of the bells when the Eucharist is elevated. These, and more I'm sure, kindle a warm feeling and a smile in me.

Macro Monday: Tree Bark

Quotography: Mark Twain Quote

Shadows on Garage Door