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WEEKEND REFLECTIONS #305: Car Reflections

deformed reflection   misshaped tire, artsy image a visual treat
more reflective treats

Hoosier Quote: “Indianapolis is a big city  where the meters run faster than the cabs.” ~Herb Shriner~
meters= parking meters

HAIKU MY HEART: My New Heartthrob

youngest greeted me, “I have news!” Said I, “good, bad?”  more of a surprise
Having no children by now, he figured there would be never be any. Wrong!  So off we went to the NICU of our local hospital for me to be introduced to his petite, preemie  daughter. Holding her, I felt my heart strings being plucked. Welcome, granddaughter!
joining others at the radiant Rebecca's HAIKU MY HEART
Hoosier Quote: “This industry (the movies) must have toward that sacred thing, the mind of a child, toward that clean virgin thing, that unmarked slate, the same responsibility, the same care about impressions made upon it that the best clergyman or the most inspired teacher of youth would have.” ~Will H. Hays~

CARPE DIEM #786: My Blue Moon

Inspiration from Basho: harvest moon
even coming twice in a month
the moon of Seta
Inspiration from Kristjaan:
wonderful event another full moon in one month awesome
My Haiku:                                                                         anticipating…   a lunar phenomenon!    rejoice- a blue moon
other moon haikus
at Kristjaan's 

Hoosier Quote:
“The moon is a different thing 
to each one of us. 
It looks like a vast,lonely, 
forbidding place, an expanse of nothing.”

~Frank Borman~

S-O-O-C SUNDAY: Lovely Lily

pinwheel day lilies
not my most favorite hue
still an eye catcher!


hosted this week by  Magical Mystical Teacher

Hoosier Quote: “Indiana was settled by pioneers who had the enterprise to seek new fields and the gumption to unpack and settle down when they found themselves in the promised land.” ~George Ade~