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Showing posts from September 28, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Norfolk Pine

Norfolk Pine’s branches  embracing the sunlight’s rays casting webbed* shadows
sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday 2 hosted this week by Gemma Wiseman

Weekend Reflections #262: Downtown Market

groc'ry and deli selling organic produce plus... grown locally
joyfully linked to James' Weekend Reflections #262

ABC Wednesday: Loveliness

Lovelinessbeyond compare. September’s bowing out serenade-  par excellence! Bravo for the color choices, oh, eternal Source. No human can match them. So, I did not try. Instead, here is my record of its beauty…

shared with ABC Wednesday, with Trubes kindly standing in for Leslie
and always thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt for creating this meme and to Roger who maintains it.

Signs 2: Delaware County EMS

no sirens or lights,  thankfully, not on a run bless them anyway
linking to Lesley's Signs, Signs

Vintage Weekly #116: Sports Car

the love of my life before I met him
Charles served in the Air Force in the mid-1950s. He was stationed in Turkey. By the time I met him, his car was not as sporty as this one.  When I met him, he was driving  a plain black 1957 Chevy.
other vintage photos can be seen at Jane's Vintage Weekly