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Showing posts from January 27, 2013

Cool Clicks Thursday: Icy Door

Heavenly Sol

Ready for Snow

Ready for duty! Standing at attention, set for shoveling snow.
The red of my snow shovel caught  my eye when I first ventured out to capture images in the newly fallen snow.

Ode to the Creator's Trees

Trees, fully clad in winter's garb, showing off their beauty 
                                            through the reflective glass.
                                       Sing praises to the unique Creator 
                                   for such loveliness accorded our world.
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St. Francis of Assisi Church

ABC Wednesday: the Letter 'C'

Cats, genus felis, slow, lazy and lethargic? Beware, they are not!
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St. Lawrence Church Revisited

Yesterday's post was about our bishop's visit to Muncie.  I could not leave my former parish church without taking pictures of its grand and beautiful interior.  Voila!


Down Memory Lane: Firefighters

Our Bishop's Visit

Quotography: Abraham Lincoln

New Blog's Beginning: My First Post

When I discovered Recuerda Mi Corazon and other gifted spiritual  bloggers through Rebecca's 12 Days of Mary, I started praying for a sign as to whether I am meant to write in that spiritual vein. Then I decided that my pondering (obsessing?) on this for more than a month then that must be the sign!  Next, I needed a title.  Easy, simple, right?  A resounding NO!  Hours and days have elapsed after reading the message "title not available" time and time again.   Suddenly this evening, a title POPPED into my head!  Surely the Spirit must have a sense of humor for such an appellation! Then I messaged a friend about it.  My subsequent thought was...oh, just do it, woman!  So here I am.   What does the title Faith in a Bottle mean to me?  I think of it this way- wouldn't it be simple and quick if faith were bottled?  Of course, it is not; it's a life-long journey.  But since I have been the serious one so much of my life, and knowing that God must have a sense of humor…

Quirky Poem