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Quotography: Song

Shadows in Church

Weekend Reflections: Jax

Himmelsk #128: Snow-filled Sky

Prayer: Why Light Candles?

Why do we Catholics light candles in church? Being  a convert, I knew that it was the custom  to light a candle when praying but I had not looked into the origin of it.  Most people I know like  to light candles for ambiance. But why light them in church? I got me to the Catholic site,
A Catholic Life,
 instead of to a nunnery!
(play on words from Shakespeare's "Hamlet")
 But what spurred me to think 
about prayer and candles,
then post about it?
 There are two sites from whom I receive emails.
One site I discovered on Facebook 
when this was posted:
"Vatican announces date for 
election by cardinals."
It led me to... 
a Novena (consisting of special prayers 
or services on nine successive days)
would be prayed for the conclave.
I  earnestly believe in prayer 
so I joined that site in the praying.
Since our new pope has been elected,
we will now pray for him.
The other site (There Will Be Bread) that brought prayers
to my attention were the many people
who commented on praying
for the new P…

Habamus Papam: We have a Pope!

I am not the first to say this, but I join with the world saying, "habamus papam!"

ABC Wednesday: the Letter 'I'

Palettes of Diversity at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital

A few weeks ago I visited a friend who  had knee surgery at our local hospital. As I was walking through the  reception area, ready to go to my car, I glanced at the wall. I paused,  feeding my spirit with the images  I will share with you.   The titles of each art piece gave me a different slant on our human tendency  to categorize and put people and conditions into labeled, neat boxes.

Macro Monday: Snowfall

Entreaty to Mary

Entreaty to Mary
oh, Mother Mary, show me the path
to holiness, the one you traveled, 
so long ago.  
your faith was fervent, 
you accepted as truth  the message 
from the angel Gabriel,
and kept straight your role
of Virgin Mother of our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ.
be of assistance to me so I may become
more steadfast in my belief, 
to see my role of evangelizing
the Gospel to those in need,
be they family, friends or strangers.
lend your hand to me when I waver
so that I stay true to my God.

linking to Rebecca's 
Postcards from Paradise
for the first time

Shadow: Porch Swing