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Showing posts from January 25, 2015

NONNIE'S PHOTO A DAY: Winter Vista's Shadows

As my eyes register this vista  of God’s bountiful loveliness, my pulse quickens with joy for His generosity.

sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday 2 hosted this week by Magical Mystical Teacher
Hoosier Quote: “The forests of America, however slighted by man, must have been as great delight to God,  because they were the best He ever planted.” ~John Muir~


I'm looking inward, yet seeing what’s behind me... pleasurable act

more reflections at James' Weekend Reflections #279

Hoosier Quote
“The only way to entertain some folks is to listen to them.” ~Frank McKinney Hubbard~


tranquil evening sky  painted by our Creator  His palette- pastels

Hoosier Quote: “With all its shams, drudgery, and broken dreams,  it is still a beautiful world.” ~Max Ehrmann~


winter’s break of day-  framed to enhance its beauty,    thankful for this morn

Hoosier Quote: Don’t knock the weather;  nine-tenths of the people  couldn’t start a conversation  if it didn’t change once in a while.” ~Frank McKinney Hubbard~

If you feel strongly one way or another (like, dislike) about my quotes from Hoosiers, will you please leave a comment?

NONNIE'S PHOTO A DAY; Cats Up Close and Personal

Jax and Ting, my cats- up close and individ'al Ting posed prettily
sharing with ABC Wednesday created by and hosted this week by Mrs. Nesbitt

Hoosier Quote:
“The way to keep a cat is to try to chase it away.”

~Edgar W. Howe~

Nonnie's Photo A Day: Snow...Again

a photo a day does a collage count as one? here's snow from Sunday

Hoosier Quote:

“Winter has always give me a physical sense of suffering”

~Theodore Dreiser~

101 Ranch and Wild West Show

101 Ranch traveled from city to town advanced by uncle
My mom’s uncle was an advance-man  for the traveling 101 Ranch.   That meant he went to the city/town  ahead of the others to advertise their arrival.   From the photos, I conclude that they traveled by train.   Our family is fortunate that these photos survived.   My cousin’s surviving daughter  allowed me to scan the album.   (I wish they were mine,  but am glad that they are being well-cared for.)  These photos and others are in the album my great-uncle compiled while working for the 101 Ranch.

Nonnie's Photo A Day: Squirrel

Devious squirrel   sits pondering on bird seed “Is the pole too icy?” 
Hoosier Quote: "Quoting: The act of erroneously repeating  the words of another." ~Ambrose Bierce~