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Weekend Reflections: A Touch of Halloween

It’s All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween as most know Watch out for goblins!

wander over to James' Weekend Reflections  for a bit of fun

Wordle #184: Haikus

fall’s Bible Study… apocalyptic chapters from Revelation
The woman’s gnarled hands spoke of her roots in hardships…  almost audible!
Thirteen poppies danced as the wind blew, enhancing their frivolous bop!
literary inklings enticed me to continue reading this strange book
in a blue temper... an epilogue for the week- speedy healing wished! 


PAZOL'S JEWELERS nearly 100 years here prominent bus'ness
Back in the 1950s, my younger brother and I had saved and saved to buy our mother two good-sized ceramic pieces- a matador and bull- for Christmas. At that time, the original founder and owner was a nice man named Herb Pazol. Unknown to me at that time, he was part of the proud history of Jewish businessmen in Muncie.  One paper written about him and other Jewish businessmen can be found here.
sharing with Lesley''s Signs, Signs

Vintage Weekly: Dad and His Siblings

appearing timid, reluctance in wearing smiles, Dad and his siblings
pleased to be sharing with Jane's Vintage Weekly #120