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Shadows: My Shadow

A Photo A Day: My Daily Sustenance, Day 301

A Photo A Day: My Daily Sustenance, Days 299 and 300

Some of Scrappy Grams' readers may have noticed  that I've posted nothing since Thursday. The reason why:  that evening first, I lost the list of bloggers I follow.  Secondly, I could not access my dashboard.  When I clicked on Blogger: Dashboard,  the message was that I was not an author on Blogger.  I coped with it for hours on Thursday.  I shut down my computer last night after failing miserably  in hopes that my dashboard would reappear. Nada, zip, etc. BTW I considered starting a blog on Word Press, but I don't have the money to pay for a host and pay a monthly fee.  I   am grateful for Blogger's site that is free.   Sp here I am...starting anew.  I am in hopes that readers will note that I have a different named blog and come here.  And, with more time, I will fill in my page; it's rather blank, but I have company coming.