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Contrasts in Interests

Visiting two of my granddaughters yesterday was enjoyable.
The younger of the two has had an interest in frogs (and tadpoles), lizards, snakes  and other animals from childhood.
Her Poppy and I  had seen an abundance  of garter snakes around our home in the country, but when we tried to capture one for her to take home, nary a one could be found!
Subsequently, some years later,  her boyfriend bought her a bearded dragon as a gift. I had not seen the lizard  for 3 or 4 years.
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Here 'she' is...

Her sister, on the other hand, has become  an avid gardener. The yard has  a plethora of gorgeous blooms of a variety of plants and flowers. Along with savoring the sight of these lovelies, I also encountered  some previously unknown flowers. 

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