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The Master's Presence

As part of my prayer time, I read from a daily devotional,  a Christmas gift given to me  by my oldest son and his dear wife.   Today's reflection hit me full square in my head!   Having been the oldest child and the oldest grandchild,  I was primed to be the fixer and leader of our family.  A few years ago, both my closest cousin and childhood neighbors  told me that I was always in charge.   To say it in 'teacher language'  I was forever the 'line leader.'   With that in mind,  you might see how difficult a time  I have in handing over my problems to someone else,  including God.  I've been aware, but being intellectually aware  does not mean that I just automatically  do what is necessary.   However, today's devotion  brings the message home to me  that nothing else has been able  to hit me where it needs to be... in my heart.   Here I am, Lord...walk with me this day.
Here is today's page from: Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence A book of devotions by Sarah Young

Weekend Reflections #191: Candlelight

Himmelsk: Downtown Skies

Signs: Speedway

ABC Wednesday: S is for Soccer

Macro Monday: Tulip

Mornings with Mary: Project Gabriel Baby Shower

Last Tuesday our Bible Study group hosted a baby shower  for the local Project Gabriel.  It is an organization that provides support for expectant mothers. Details about Project Gabriel can be found here. The name stems from the angel Gabriel who announced to Mary about her role in the birth  of our Savior. I think that it is a fitting name, don't you agree?
Giving thanks to Rebecca
for hosting Mornings with Mary!

Vintage Weekly: Bridal Picture

My bridal picture 
was the only photo 
of our wedding pictures
that was shot in color. 
Our wedding album, and smaller
albums were composed of black and white photos.
The two smaller albums
were gifts to my parents and my husband's sister
since both his parents were deceased. 
The photographer was a customer/friend 
of my momma who had just
inaugurated his photo business, 
having previously been
a photographer for one of our local newspapers.
The bridal gown was graciously loaned
to me by a generous friend of my family and me.
It fit perfectly!  

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