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shadows bent by light delighting my sense of sight does it enchant yours?
sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday 2 our hosts are... Chubskulit Rose Gemma Wiseman and Magical Mystical Teacher

Signs, Signs: Amazing Joe's

Amazing Joe's place surrounded by lush green trees heard the food is good
more signs to be seen at Lesley's Signs, Signs

The Art of Remembering: Momma

Remembering Momma
Vivid memories of my momma range from learning to dance at the Moose 
to her cooking at the restaurant she owned when I was in my teen years.  

Thanks to a Kodak Brownie camera, 
I have photos of my momma in different surroundings.

In the photo above,
Momma is standing by her car which is parked
behind her restaurant.

You might notice that my momma is glaring at me 
as I’m ready to snap her picture.  
In fact, she said, “ Do not take ONE more !%*#! picture of me in my robe!”   
So, of course, I did.
Momma and Dad had only one day off a week- Sundays.  
So she’s relaxing while Dad is cooking the food for our Sunday brunch.  
He did that because Momma cooked at her restaurant 
14 hours a day Monday through Thursdays and 
16 hours a day on Fridays and Saturdays.  
So late (around 10 a.m.) Sundays, 
Dad cooked pork chops, eggs, fried potatoes and biscuits for our brunch. 
Even with the overwhelming hours that Momma worked,
when special events happened in my life,
she was always there for my …