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June 14- Flag Day in the USA

Flag Day in Muncie marked by this man parceling out our flags downtown! Go here for history of FlagDay.
Personal aside: When I was young, my mom would  cry at the sight of our flag, especially when it was carried in parades.  Thoughtless young person as I was, I would get embarrassed. Well, Momma, I'm carrying on that tradition;  I now get teary-eyed when I view that Grand Old Flag!

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Downtown Streets

strolling, photo class  facilitator: Stuart thank you,Cornerstone
According to the center's Facebook page, 12 people had opted to attend. Three of us showed up. Ages for us ranged from 12 years old to my age 70 something. But each of us showed excitement  when we encountered something worth shooting.  I surely found quite a lot  since my photo total for today was 324!
Thank you, Stuart, for your guidance today.
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Weekend Reflections #246: RV

Allegro RV fancy, shiny, beautiful ready to travel
The owner of this RV is the proprietor    of the mobile home park in which I live.
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My Piece of Heaven: Along the River

looking heavenward,   I sight the down-to-earth view of a blue heron 
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ABC Wednesday: Venturesome

Feeling venturesome and hopeful, I chose to walk the river greenway.
Spotting the heron near the banks of White River I captured its flight!  Skimming the river, it rushes from my presence leaving me breathless.

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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Resting Place

resting bench on church property peaceful seat
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Vintage Weekly: Mother and Aunt

location: Valley Mills, IN my momma and her Aunt Pearl
I remember our visiting Aunt Pearl only once when I was a little older than my momma is in this photo.  By then, Aunt Pearl was ancient (seen through my young eyes).  But I remember thinking that she was kind, which she appears to be here, what with her arms holding my mother closely.
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