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Shadow Shot Sunday

Kitchen Upgrades


Lenten Prayer for Life

Lenten Prayer for Life '40 Days for Life' and the U.S. Bishops are asking each of us to fast and pray daily to end abortion.
Father of all mercy, we thank you for this season  of grace and light. We know that sin has blinded us. Draw us ever closer to you,  in prayer and penance.
Since you, O God, are light itself, give all your people  a clearer understanding of what is sin, and what is virtue.
Grant in particular that we may see  as never before, the profound dignity of every human life, including the vulnerable unborn children.
Give us grace to defend  our brothers and sisters in the womb by our prayers, our words, and our self-sacrificing actions.
We pray this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Signs: Harley Davidson

Wordle 97: The Divine Visit

In just one moment after gazing  into the face of the Divine Mother,  I realized that the prophets’ heroic words had not described her beauty and gentleness, only her power. My eyes filled with tears of joy, my heart overflowed with sublime certainty  that there were no limits to the possibility of her celestial intervention. The discipline of my  patience wore thin at the desire of  stealing one more look at her immaculate self. She had taken pieces of my heart with her when  she seemed to fly back to her heavenly home. Was I being selfish about wanting more than one visit?  Time passed and after the euphoria eased, gratitude enveloped me and I gave thanks for the wonderment of my blissful gift.

ABC Wednesday: G is for Grandeval

Macro Monday: Virgin Mary

Macro Monday: Light Through the Branches

Quotography: William Wordsworth