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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Bench on Friend's Porch

Weekend Reflections: DeFur Voran Building

intriguing  tower-shaped windows  seen downtown!
DeFur Voran's website identifies its business in this way:
When I captured the windows' reflections, I hadn't noticed which business  was located there.  Only after uploading the image to my computer, did I see the sign. The DeFur Voran law offices have been in Muncie for over 100 years.
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Sumptuous Spring

Himmelsk: Monday Afternoon Sky

ABC Wednesday: Q is for Quarterlight

Macro Monday: Roses

Mornings with Mary: Magnificat Cover

linking to the radiant Rebecca  at Recuerda Mi Corazon
Can’t We Dream? (my paraphrase of part of the article  in the May 2013 issue of “Magnificat”  by Pierre-Marie Dumont) Guillaume Dubufe was a master in Symbolism  at the turn of the 20th century.  Symbolism developed as a poetic and spiritual reaction  against materialism, positivism and rationalism.   These isms were trying to drown out art  by demolishing all sense of the sacred.   French poets Baudelaire, Verlaine and Mallarme,  fathers of Symbolism, predicted that materialism  would dissolve all ties that provide reasons to live,  that is vertical ties uniting us to God  and horizontal ties uniting us among ourselves.  Ever since the Middle Ages,  art has been a reflection of society’s soul.   In present times with the world’s soul being lost, it is thought that  art can only survive by battling this society  so driven by materialism.
“Thus, in this House of the Virgin,  the vibrations of a white, diaphanous light suffuses the painting  like an image o…

Vintage Weekly: My Younger Brother