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Six days ago I was lucky enough to drive my sister-in-law to her hair appointment. Here’s what we saw that day-
an explosion of Halloween decorations- eye-candy, for sure!

Watch out for witchy faces behind normal ones!
another reflection for James' WEEKEND REFLECTIONS # 318
Hoosier Quote: “Science fiction: Comic books- without pictures.”  ~Kurt Vonnegut~

WEEKEND REFLECTIONS #318: Pond Reflection

image of autumn at rest on the pond’s surface even if somewhat smudged
shared on James' WEEKEND REFLECTIONS #318
Hoosier Quote: “Human action can be modified to some extent,  but human nature cannot be changed.” ~Abraham Lincoln~

HAIKU MY HEART: 40 Days for Life

these crosses stand- in testimony to babies  aborted each day
praying and fasting that life be held as sacred- conception to death
shared with Rebecca's  HAIKU MY HEART
Hoosier Quote: “God asks no man whether he will accept life. This is not the choice. You must take it. The only question is how.” ~Henry Ward Beecher~

The Baptism of Miriam Jubilee

at St. Mary Church today- Father Dudzinski, Jeremy holding Miriam, Jenni and Godmother/grandmother Norma

proud Papa Jeremy with daughter Miriam Jubilee

Momma Jenni looking on
"In the name of the Father...

and of the Son... 

and of the Holy Spirit...Amen"

receiving the light of Christ for Miriam

Father Dudzinski holding newly baptized Miriam with Papa Jeremy looking on

cradle medal 

thank you, Mrs. Rozann Schenkel of the Ministry of Fibers for Miriam's beautiful blanket

the cake baked by the talented bakers at Marsh thank you
Thank you, family, for making this such a joyous occasion.

sharing with Gillena's
Monday WRites

WEEKEND REFLECTIONS #317: Cloudy Sky Reflection

clouds soften the sun’s intense glaring rays, bringing easing my eyes' sight
linking to James' WEEKEND REFLECTIONS #317 thanks, James for this wonderful meme

Hoosier Quote: “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home for wearing what you like.” ~George Ade~