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Weekend Reflections #223: Cobalt LT

scrumptious cobalt hue...
drawing closer to the car, I sight the car's name!
linking with delight to James'  Weekend Reflections #223

Random 5 Friday: My Random Bits

Random Five Friday

 A favorite modern illustrator: Inge Löök

2. A favorite vintage illustrator: Beatrix Potter

3. An idea for 2014 borrowed from a blogger:
I'm calling mine "Bits of Life's Wonderfulness"
4. I pledge to walk on my treadmill  (or outside when weather permits), to ease Fibromyalgia pain  and its partner- depression,  at least 4 days a week.
5. Conquer indecisiveness with God's help.
linking with  a great deal of pleasure to  Nancy Claeys'  Random 5 Friday

I thought that I was ready for thenew year, with my one word to be my centering for the year. I also thought that my new medication  for chronic depression was treating all my symptoms-  fatigue, indecisiveness, trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. But, no!  One symptom remains, that of indecisiveness. I discovered that whilst I was reading a blog post by someone  whose writing talent I admire.   Her post yesterday was entitledNo Word, No Mantra.   What, no one word? No mantra?   Well, in reality,  the only mantra I’ve ever uttered is “Let go, let God.”   I used that to settle my brain from the teaching day  in order to go to sleep.   Other than that, I am not into yoga, zen or whatever symbolizes meditation for people.   I struggle to be silent and just be.   And any way, God seems to speak to me  through magazine articles,  words uttered on TV  and synchronicity of conversations with others,  especially during discussions at Bible Study. So now what?   Do I still pursue picking one word  for what I h…

Bits and Pieces of Day One of the New Year, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 After I ventured out today,  I made shopping stops at Dollar General  to buy items that cost lower here than anywhere else,  then Lowe’s for potting soil and sunflower seeds for the birds,  lastly Walmart for a few groceries and nonfood items. At home, I put things away  and potted the cedar ‘tree’ gifted to me from Lowe’s.   (The tree was the reason for the potting soil purchase.)   Next, I cut an apple for my lunch. Lastly, I tended to banking,  read some blogs, then sat down for some serious chillin’! My bit of gratitude:  I’m grateful for all those ladies  in Bible Study and Women at the Well  who contribute to my spiritual welfare. Thank you, ladies.   May the new year shower blessings on you and your families!  This image is a greeting card which I scanned, then added text.

ABC Wednesday: Yellow

6th Day of Christmas: Nativity

On the sixth day of Christmas, 23 years ago, my daughter gave to me a blessed granddaughter  named Charley Marie.
Happy Birthday, Charley Marie!

Straight-Out-of-the-Camera Sunday: Church Belfry

one of a few clear shots  taken with my Samsung phone camera app
linking to Straight-Out-of-the-Camera Sunday hosted by  Magical Mystical Teacher and Gemma Wiseman