Eternally in My Heart

Eternally in My Heart
Lord, grant Charles eternal rest in Your loving arms.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I thought that I was ready for the new year,
with my one word to be my centering for the year.
I also thought that my new medication 
for chronic depression was treating all my symptoms- 
fatigue, indecisiveness, trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.
But, no!  One symptom remains, that of indecisiveness.
I discovered that whilst I was reading a blog post by someone 
whose writing talent I admire.  
Her post yesterday was entitled No Word, No Mantra.  
What, no one word? No mantra?  
Well, in reality, 
the only mantra I’ve ever uttered is “Let go, let God.”  
I used that to settle my brain from the teaching day 
in order to go to sleep.  
Other than that, I am not into yoga, zen
or whatever symbolizes meditation for people. 
 I struggle to be silent and just be.  
And any way, God seems to speak to me 
through magazine articles, 
words uttered on TV 
and synchronicity of conversations with others, 
especially during discussions at Bible Study.
So now what?  
Do I still pursue picking one word 
for what I hope for the year 2014?  
Oh, and what word had I chosen?  GRATITUDE.
 A satisfactory word, yes?   
Well, it fits in wonderfully 
with a practice I started yesterday, 
which is to pick one bit a day of what I call 
“Life’s Bits of Wonderfulness”.  

found on Facebook
So, out with ‘one word’ and in with a practice full of gratitude.

Are you making any resolutions, 
picking one word as your centering goal?
Pull up a chair, sit a while, 
and share with me, if you’re so inclined.
Happy 2nd day of our new year!

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