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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Palms

Weekend Reflections: Radio Shack

Holy Week: Good Friday

Prayer to Mary of the Pieta Dearest Mother Mary,  who received into  your arms the lifeless body of  Jesus,  embrace your other children  who will die this day. Obtain for them  true repentance and pardon  for all their sins,  that not a drop  of your Son’s Precious  Blood,  will have been shed  in vain.
In case you have wondered  why this Friday is called Good Friday and never dared to ask that question, this site gives an excellent and nonjudgmental explanation.

Holy Week

Signs 2: McDonald's Arches

Not Yet Spring

In spite of the calendar's label that  spring is here, the weather shouts otherwise!

alas, iciness
from old man Winter prevails,
no matter the date!

ABC Wednesday: K is for King

Quotography: Anniversary

Join Pooh and me at Quotography!

My birthday was last month; 
I just liked this quote
and thought the cake fit it.

Mornings with Mary

My post is dedicated to my cousin Rosemary, who died  unexpectedly this past Thursday, March 21, 2013  and to her family.

The verse below was written originally
 for a friend who suffered the death of a son.

Mary, Virgin Mary, Miriam,
Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God,  Or, as she’s called by the faith of Islam, Maryam. However you address her , her aid is nearby. As has been said before, and most likely will be again, these times are hard. So hard that even as adults,  we seek our mother’s comforting touch.   May our loving Mother bring whatever is needed for the peace of Christ To dwell in your family’s hearts and home.

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others who share love for  our Blessed Mother 

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