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Weekend Reflections #216: Side View Mirror

Gazing back at the marvels of fall, though it be in sight of my mirror. Grateful that I’ve not been warned  about looking back as was Lot’s wife!
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Ein Stuck Himmel #97: Pastel-colored Cloud

ABC Wednesday: Reunion

Veterans Day

Veterans Day Formerly called Armistice Day  marked the end of the war to end all wars,  World War I.   This photo from History of Veterans Day
was taken two minutes 
before the armistice was to go in effect  shows soldiers  from the 353rd Infantry near a church in Stenay, Meuse in France. My mother's dad served three years in the 165th (Mine)
of the Company Coast Regiment
of Artillery Corps.

My information comes 
from his discharge papers.

Since I was born before America entered into World War II, I have faint memories of being aware
that three of my momma's
six brothers were overseas serving. Uncle Raymond was in the Navy.
Uncle John also was in the Navy,  but he was attached to the Marines  as a corpsman.

Uncle John was only 17 when he enlisted.
Obviously, he did not tell his true age.

Uncle Roy was in the Army.

My grandmother must have done 
some heavy praying during those years,
what with three sons being 
put in harm's way.  I know that I would
in her position. Because of her brothers, my momma  fo…

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Lush Colors of Fall