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Signs, Signs: Grow Big Dreams

Grow Big Dreams uplifting message live by it!
sharing with Lesley's Signs, Signs

ABC Wednesday: Delaware County

Delaware County Emergency Operations Center
I've no idea  how the hub works day-to-day nor who’s in command.
Do you suppose we're supposed to know?
hooking up with ABC Wednesday created and hosted by her nibs Mrs. Nesbitt!

Wordle #172 by Nonnie


Being young and in love, I pictured our wedded bliss as the church bells gave sound.
Fear, irritation jumbled around in my head. Would he disclose secrets?
The female dancer  dressed in flamboyant colors  boogied pleasingly.

At the gun’s signal, en masse swimmers dived and raced the pool’s length.
My tummy gurgled as my appetite increased  due to lack of food.

Will I ever tire  of the setting of the sun,  its ever splendid beauty?
Pulling off my point, arguing with my brother,  I had the last word! 

sharing Wordle #172  atBrenda Warren's The Sunday Whirl

Weekend Reflections: Gallery

Gall’ry 308 provides city reflections  take pleasure in the sight
more pleasurable reflections at James' Weekend Reflections