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Showing posts from February 16, 2014

Weekend Reflections: Colorado Blue Spruce

checking spruce tree’s growth,  reflection an added plus,  to viewing it here
note: the Colorado blue spruce was a Christmas gift from Lowe's to their customers
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Random 5 Friday: Really Random

Random 5 Friday February 21, 2014
1. Dramatic news from oldest granddaughter! Her boyfriend proposed to her on a ski-lift this week. 
note: I assembled this ecard for them with my Creative Memories  Storybook Creator program.
2. Today marks two days of temperatures about freezing mark.  However, I still have thick ice still on my driveway.  Thus, I’m still walking gingerly when going to my car or the mailbox.

3. I was tickled to scrapbook with my sister-in-law and a friend yesterday evening.  We hadn’t met for two months because of inclement weather.  I’m working on an album of vintage family photos and ephemera from 60 and 70 years ago.
my mom's mint green Buick  with white hard top On the back she'd written "my old buddy."
4. I noticed a U-Haul moving van in front of a young couple who lives across from me.  We weren’t close, but friendly, we chatted whenever we saw each other.  I hope the new neighbors will be as cordial.  

5. Our parish has received a book each Christmas fro…

Squirrel on the Move

Opening my door, I discovered this little guy sitting so still. I was surprised that he didn't jump down immediately and head for the oak tree  just behind him.

but, no, here he stays...  long enough for me to snap several shots.

Now he's on the move... moving closer to the  stair railing. 

"I'm out of here!" From here he leaped down on the snow and disappeared into the heretofore unseen snow tunnel!

Signs, Signs: Art Gallery & Tattoo Parlor

111 Arts Gallery Art gallery and tattoo studio, both creative avenues to apply paint to a canvas.
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ABC Wednesday: Frozen Views

eerie, frozen sight distorted out my door still, rather artful

freezing rain, icy avenues, nature's way
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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Snow Shadows

Shadows…oak tree, stairs drawing one’s eyes downwardly.  Watch where you’re going! 
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Weekend Reflections #229: Rose Window

The circular decal reflected here came from a card my cousin sent me  when she and her sister visited Notre Dame in Paris, France. I enjoy visiting the cathedral virtually  by way of the Rose Window replica.
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