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Showing posts from February 2, 2014

Random 5 Friday: Winter

1. I am weary of subzero temperatures,  arctic winds and high mounds of snow.
2. But joyfully, I am not suffering depression nor cabin fever!
3. I had the pleasure of taking care of my two sweethearts,  Myah and Leannah, for a short time yesterday.   I am pleased that my granddaughter  has trust in my being able to handle that responsibility.
4. Yesterday I received a book that I’d ordered;  it’s called Thirty-Day Devotions for the Holy Souls by Susan Tassone. I started reading and praying it this morning.
5. We had a goodly number of ladies present  at our Bible Study this week.  Weather caused cancellations for us in January.  We rejoiced that we finally got to meet.   But that was not true for our Women at the Well group.  It meets at night  and causes concerns for the safety of us all,  which is very important. 

for Haiku My Heart-
Wintry weather brings  tribulations of all sorts, mounds of snow, iced streets.
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Weekend Reflections #228: Parking Lot

Walking toward the shop, I cannot deny the urge to take a snapshot!
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Update on my  GYB give-away-

Kathy Harris is the winner. She chose Yellow Flower as her prize. Congratulations, Kathy! 

Signs, Signs: Pizza King

Pizza King,  a long-time ‘bizness’ fam’ly owned.

The memory of the pizza’s delectable taste  has a staying power that remains in customers’ minds.   A case in point-whenever my brother and his family  would return for a visit,  we would meet at a Pizza King for at least one meal. To have pizzas delivered, one should "Ring the King"!
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ABC Wednesday: Distorted

I have been without the internet  for almost three days.  What a bummer! In the meanwhile, from 3 p.m. Tuesday  six inches of snow was dropped on our fair city with three to six inches more forecast for this evening. I feel blessed to have a warm home  with no interruptions in electrical power. But... I do need to shovel more snow behind my car so that I will have a driving path to the street. I hope that everyone is safe and staying warm.
Yesterday while waiting for my car to warm up, I snapped these two images with my phone. Distorted image, ice playing tricks with my view. Artistic license!
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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Snow Scene

Nature’s perfection, blue sky, sunlight,  soft shadows… captured by Nikon.
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