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Weekend Reflections #227: Framed Photo Reflection

wine glasses  reflected on frame tempting you?
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Random 5 Friday
1. Snow, and more snow. In case I haven’t shared,  here’s my take on winter- as an adult,  I’ve often wished that I could stay inside for the entire season! However, I do like photographing winter scenes!   What to do with that conundrum?

2. I love getting snail mail,  (letters, cards, not flyers and such  wanting my limited funds) 3. I very much want to see the movie “Saving Mr. Banks,”  but I dislike going by myself. 4. Although my birthday is coming soon,  I do NOT want a party.  (Heed this, sweet granddaughters, please.) 5. I’m almost finished reading Circle of Bones  by Christine Kling on my Kindle. 

If she has Riley, the main female character, die,  I’m going to be mighty unhappy.
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Small Stones: Friends and Kitties

Temperature at 20 Almost balmy My kitties’ food supply low Head out to Walmart Cat food- check Need bananas- check Peanut butter jar nearly empty- check Oh, yes, almond milk- check No longer can drink coffee, So brighten my attitude toward change  with orange and spice tea- check In check-out line...  A friend in front of me, She notices me first We chat till she’s paid Now I’ve paid, On the way to the exit Another friend sighted Stop and chat Shopping task done.
In my daily in-box comes  a Minute Meditation from the Franciscan Media.   Here is today’s which I found quite apt  for my visit to Walmart: “Eye contact is more than a polite gesture -  it is a simple yet meaningful acknowledgement of Christ in the other.”

Haiku My Heart: My Sweet-Heart

who are you 'xactly? I think I like and trust you shall we meet again?

latest addition to my family of girls she is my Sweet-Heart
Leannah's aunt Chrissy is the one holding her, giving me opportunity to photograph  this little dumpling.
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Captured: Snow Storm...Another One

CAPTURED by my camera! my Small Stone for today: 
Hoosier-land winters, a potpourri of climes, from mild to frigid.
Yikes, another storm! Thankfully, I am prepared for a lengthy confinement.
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Grow Your Blog party!

A Give-away at Nonnie's Observations

I’m continuing the Grow Your Blog party 

by offering a framed  5 x 7 photo of your choice.
The frame will be a metal minimal one,
so as not to distract from the image.   The deadline is February 5 at midnight, Eastern Time Zone,  as I will award the photo on February 6,  in memory of my brother’s birthday. To qualify for the drawing: 1. Add a comment on this post. 2. State both the letter and name of the photo. 3. an option: Become a follower of either this blog  or my other blog Faith in a Bottle.

here are the choices:

A: Tall Trees
 B: Fish in Pond
C: Flowing White River
D: Patterns on Window
E: Snowy Evening
F: Angled Tree

G: Winter Evening
H: White Flowers

I: Yellow Flower

J: River View from the Bridge

I look forward to hearing from you.

My Small Stone for January 27, 2014-
Freezing temperature
sky of blue
bright sunlight
don’t be fooled 
by Mother Nature’s 
beguiling attire!

and this one, K: Winter Beauty

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Small Stones and SOOC: Jax and Ting Ting

My small stone for Sunday: two endearing cats- one, fearless, one, uneasy both, great companions!

These are straight-out-of-my smart phone! 
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