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Weekend Reflections #263: Cyclist

cyclist driving by Where is he in the reflection? looking… there he is!
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Signs, Signs: Signs On a Subaru

potpourri of signs spelunking, conserving, bats varied interests 
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ABC Wednesday: Maring Library of Muncie

Maring,  another well-known name in Muncie. source: Grace Maring was the wife of Joel Maring, founder of glass factories throughout Muncie, Indiana. A philanthropist and advocate for education, Grace Maring gave the city of Muncie $25,000 upon her death to develop a public library system. In 1930, the Grace Keiser Maring Library was dedicated, and began serving the south side of Muncie. The library was posted to the National Register of Historic Places on September 15, 2005.[2] Architecture[ The library was designed by architects Herbert Smenner and Charles Houck. The architectural style is a variation of colonial revival, a popular style in the early 20th century. Built from brick and trimmed with limestone, it is the only remaining civic building of this style in Muncie. [3]
This beautiful building is no longer being used as  the Maring Library.  It was closed some time ago, as was the Hunt Library. When our former middle school was c…