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Showing posts from August 17, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Flowers

sauntering along spied  prospects for photo shoot flower silhouettes
sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday 2 hosted by Gemma Wiseman

Haiku My Heart: Buckets of Rain

indistinct vista… buckets of rain pouring down  inundating streets
some say it’s angels crying for humans below dare we plead it cease?
sharing with Rebecca's Haiku My Heart

Weekend Reflections #256: Two Johnnys

Two Johnny's plural intended? ownership?
Is it too much to ask  that sign painters know where to place apostrophes?    Or am I too nit picky? However, I do like the contrast  of the red cup with the white letters.
sharing with James' Weekend Reflections #256

Stained Glass Cardinals

more of son Derek's stained glass art
beautiful birds decked in red grandeur... our state bird

Signs, Signs: The Arsenal

Muncie’s Arsenal  lone CrossFit facility serious training
Arsenal's web site   "Join the Arsenal Army" Not for likes of me!
sharing my sign  at Lesley's Signs, Signs

Vintage Weekly: USS Lake Champlain CV-39

My uncle John was very proud to have served on the ship which safely recovered the shuttle on which Commander Alan Shepard had gone through space. Details can be found here.
sharing with Jane's Vintage Weekly