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Shadows of Trees

Reflection on a Faucet

Prayer to God: Trust

A Christmas gift from two granddaughters  is aiding me on my Lenten path this year.   They had checked my wish list on  and saw that my number one wish  was to have a year's subscription to the Magnificat magazine  published by St. Anthony Messenger Press.
Having an interest in the lives of saints, I ordered Lent with the Saints: Daily Reflections by Greg Friedman, O.F.M.
Today's reading and suggestion... (Reflect, then write a petition  for some special need.) led to my composing a prayer.

Lord, I ask that my trust in you
grow and bloom
as does the cactus in the desert.
My thirst for faith in you
to be quenched alone
by your Word. 

Himmelsk: Cloudy Sky

Signs: Veteran's License Plate


ABC Wednesday: Faith

Macro Monday: Nature's Adornment

One Word's One Month Link-up

Am I just paying lip service by saying that I will put my life
and my troubles into God's hands?
if that is true, I will accomplish nothing this whole year, that much I know through my past,

thinking that I am a senior adult and I should be to manage figuring out my troubles

however, I have made little progress in handing over these problems:

to recover energy for life to lay aside old resentments to rid myself of harbored guilt of the past that cannot be changed

to make the decision of whether I want to continue living alone, to perceive if being single is God's will

or is His will for me is to open myself to vulnerability and risk rejection
when I invite someone into my life
after seven years of widowhood,

dare I entrust God?
dare I not?

usually I think when faced with indecision,
"what's the worst that can happen?"

the only result that I can perceive
is that I will continue to live alone

please pray for me

as I consider surrendering
my obstinacy and fear,
to jump with a leap of faith
and tru…

Quotography: Valentine

Quotography: Valentine