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Weekend Reflections #259: Chase Bank

Chase Bank reflected, sadly, soon to disappear departing downtown 
joining others at James' Weekend Reflections #259

Haiku My Heart: Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary

O, blessed Virgin,  most sanctified is your name, rain blessings on us.
with pleasure,  I'm joining others at Rebecca's Haiku My Heart

Today's entry in The Magnificat recommends praying  The Litany of Our Lady. Here it is from
This litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary was composed during the Middle Ages. The place of honor it now holds in the life of the Church is due to its faithful use at the shrine of the Holy House at Loreto. It was definitely approved by Sixtus V in 1587, and all other Marian litanies were suppressed, at least for public use. Its titles and invocations set before us Mary's exalted privileges, her holiness of life, her amiability and power, her motherly spirit and queenly majesty.
The principle that has been followed in their interpretation is the one enunciated by the same Pius IX: "God enriched her so wonderfully from the treasury of His divinity, far beyond all angels and saints with the abundance of all heavenly gifts, that she . . .should show…

Signs, Signs: Munseetown Square

Muncie, originally known as Munseetown or Muncey Town The village was originally named for  the Munsee clan of the Delaware Indians. And...Muncie is located in Delaware County. Getting the drift? Now on to the misnomer “Chief Munsee” and its true history…    After Edmund Burke Ball of the famed Ball family died,  his widow and children wanted a sculpture to stand as a memorial to him.  His widow had seen the original sculpture  which stood in front of Boston Museum of Fine Arts. So the family worked with the renowned sculptor Cyrus Dallin  to make a full-size replica of the original sculpture.  "Appeal to the Great Spirit" stands just east of the family homes at the fork of Walnut Street and Granville Avenue. Below is a postcard I often send to Postcrossing members. Other historic details about Munseetown can be found here and here "Appeal the Great Spirit"
more signs can be found at Lesley's Signs, Signs

Wordle #177: My Free Verse

Leaves blowing from the trees,  meandering down the street. Summer’s ending…on the edge of autumn. But the trees are not sending out their usual signal of leaves brilliant in orange, gold and red which normally illuminate my days,  weeks before they become heavy with the dread  of winter’s cold boring into my aching bones.
Dismal is the weather,  the wind’s power being thrust at me like bullets from a pistol,  causing me to lock my door… fearful of what will follow.
But as I gaze out the window, what is that I spot, a lonelyplant? Could it be the last roseof summer, dressed in its grandeur  like Cinderella for the ball?
sharing my free-verse at  Brenda Warren's The Sunday Whirl
and Wordle #177

ABC Wednesday: Idiograph

recognize  theidiograph?
idiograph: private mark; trademark

new site for dumping? someone considered it so or was thought involved?
lining up with others at ABC WEDNESDAY created by Mrs. Nesbitt, hosted this week by Gattina