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My Prayer for the Beginning of the Day

Please, Holy Mother of my Lord and Savior, allow me to… be an instrument of love today. serve in spite of  (or because of) listlessness and physical pain, have spiritual healing,  with the purpose of my forgiving others, and my being forgiven. Amen

At My Bird Feeder: A Delightful Surprise

Gazing out my kitchen window, a frequent practice of mine, I was greeted with this eye-catching woodpecker. I was ready to record its name as a red-headed woodpecker, but I checked online and found that it's a red-bellied woodpecker. Since I couldn't see the entire belly, again I googled it.   The woodpecker sports a pinkish tinge of color on  its belly, both genders have it. At any rate, I was thrilled to see him! I hope he makes frequent visits. 
I've joined Grow Your Blog for the first time in hopes of increasing my readership. Spread the word,  if you wish, I certainly would appreciate it.  Also I am considering giving away a framed print of one of my photographs. I will sort through them this weekend  and publish the choices on Monday's post.

and here's my small stone for today...

surprising vista, 
swelling appreciation

for his striking look!

My Random 5 for Friday, January 24, 2014

Random 5 Friday Jan. 24, 2014
1. I am repeatedly surprised when I become aware that Friday has arrived!
2. Christmas begins the season of remembering the past for me,  and winter continues it with my pursuit  of writing down memories to correlate  with vintage photos for the perusal  of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  (when their interest grows in such an activity)
3. Speaking of the past,   my brother and I celebrated our birthdays together  all through our childhood  (once he was born, of course).  His was February 6th and mine is February 10th.   I was four days from being three years old  when Mom came home with her bundle of joy.   I have a clear memory of her placing him on my lap  while I sat on the blue davenport. 
My sweet brother died at the young age  of 54 seventeen years ago.
4. A couple of years ago when I mentioned to my spiritual director that I wished that my husband’s spirit would visit me, she said that sometimes a butterfly or a bird not usually seen around here will appear…

Signs, Signs: Compost Collector

an earth-friendly Christmas gift from my two oldest granddaughters
They knew that I would appreciate this kind of gift  because when I taught I had a worm farm in my classroom.   Then, at the end of each school year,  I added the soil to the barrels  in which I grew tomatoes and flowers.  thank you, dear ones!
joining others  at Lesley's Signs, Signs

Carpe Diem #380: Frozen Heart?

from Kristjaan Panneman's Carpe Diem Haiku- lotus flowers rising from the depths of the pond everlasting love
and here is mine...
berries frozen are they symbolic of my heart? may His love enflame it
joining others at  Carpe Diem

Small Stones, Day 21: Frustration

Frustration! Water pipe heating cable not working. Water needing to drip 24/7 or pipes will freeze again. Waiting for the order… Finally able to track it today. It was delivered somewhere in Knoxville, TN,  last Friday. I live in Indiana! Now waiting for the store manager to call to see what’s next. Waiting…….  Then…
What do I see outside my window?
A FedEx truck!
So was Knoxville just a stopping place?
When I stated to the driver 
that the package was in Knoxville.
He muttered, “I guess they 
(the ubiquitous they?) 
were behind.
So who knows?
Not I!
Do you suppose 

Too young to know to whom I'm referring?
Go here to read about him or YouTube to listen.

Small Stones, Day 20: Wash Day Memories

Memories of winter wash days  are mostly interwoven with odors-  the fresh smell of just-washed clothes  hanging on lines strung across the kitchen, the aroma of cornbread fresh from the oven,  the bouquet of fried potatoes mixed with onions  simmering on the stove, and the scent of the beans scooped into our bowls. Ahh… my tummy now rumbles in anticipation,  as if it were all taking place right now.