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At My Bird Feeder: A Delightful Surprise

Gazing out my kitchen window,
a frequent practice of mine,
I was greeted with
this eye-catching woodpecker.
I was ready to record its name as a red-headed woodpecker,
but I checked online and found
that it's a red-bellied woodpecker.
Since I couldn't see the entire belly,
again I googled it.  
The woodpecker sports a pinkish tinge of color on 
its belly, both genders have it.
At any rate, I was thrilled to see him!
I hope he makes frequent visits. 

I've joined Grow Your Blog
for the first time
in hopes of increasing my readership.
Spread the word, 
if you wish,
I certainly would appreciate it. 
Also I am considering giving away
a framed print of one of my photographs.
I will sort through them this weekend 
and publish the choices on Monday's post.

and here's my small stone for today...

surprising vista, 
swelling appreciation

for his striking look!


Karen said…
Oh what a treat! I'd love to have one of these at my feeders!
Al said…
What a colorful bird! Now I want to put out a bird feeder.
Charlotta said…
Indeed eye catching! What a beauty!
Have a nice weekend
Anonymous said…
Yep-- we have those woodpeckers here in Florida... I misidentified them the same way you did at first! Very nice pictures (and how lucky t have them right outside your window!)
hi there, i'm Beth from "E. Lizard Breath Speaks" & a "Grow Your Blog" party volunteer, i'm helping Vicki out by visiting several of the blogs from the link up. so many folks to see & we volunteers are all working together to check you guys out. i want to welcome to the party!!! i sure hope you are having a great day. be sure to go check out some great blogs. there are so many to see. ( :

hey there, i was wondering if i would know any one on my list of the folks i was having to stop by & visit to help Vicki out. hope you are well & enjoying the Grow Your Blog get together. so lovely that you got your post up - i was worried the 1st time i stopped by this AM. have a great weekend. big big hugs.
Norma Ruttan said…
thank you for your concern, Beth.
Nan Smith said…
Great photos of amazing bird. Hi, I'm hopping around the GYB party and landed on your blog. I will follow to enjoy your writing and photos. Please visit me at
EG CameraGirl said…
The red really stands out on the woodpecker's head!

Nice to meet you.:)
I would like to participate in your giveaway.


Caren Gittleman said…
that has to be one of the prettiest woodpeckers I have EVER seen!
Terry said…
Hi, Norma!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. We have lots of woodpeckers in our yard, but I have not seen one so sweet and fluffy looking.

GB said…
What a wonderful surprise. It's a beauty.
macmillanmarie said…
Nice to meet you. This hop has been great. Thanks for sharing, Happy hopping!
hula-la said…
Poppin' in along the blog party route. What a lovely bird shot! Have a terrific day.
Patty Antle said…
So nice to meet you from GYB.

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