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Signs, Signs: Hibachi Grill Buffet

Buffets, not my dining choice. I'd tend to overeat here  so I stay away.
Trying to link this place 
to my post,
I discovered that I was not
the only one to stay away.
It has closed its doors!

linking to Lesley's Signs, Signs
Thanks, Lesley, for continuing to host  this fun meme.

Lenten Path

Lead me, O Lord, on the path that leads to your Easter celebration.
digital project using From Teddi with Love program and  one of my own photos

ABC Wednesday: Icicle

Even though Indiana hit the mid-60s today, I picked icicle for ABC Wednesday because tomorrow's weather prediction is for snow (from 2 to 6 inches, depending  on where we live in Indiana) and frigid temperatures. It's Indiana, folks, sometimes this kind of weather happens all in  one day!
linking to  ABC Wednesday hosted this week by  Roger Owen Green
On Daylight Saving Time I'm not cranky about the time change, oh, wait,  maybe I am because I forgot to change my clocks Saturday night, 

and I missed a discussion group on Sunday morning.  Now, tell me, “Why do we still have daylight saving time?"   I thought it was started to help farmers  to have more daylight time to work their fields.   That reason died some decades ago  when headlights were put on tractors and other farm machinery.  Oops, according to the internet, I’m wrong about this reason.   Go here to see the various reasons for it,  oppositions, and dates of the onset of daylight saving time. Does your state, county or country observe daylight saving time? How do you feel about this?    Do you even care one way or the other about it? One more thing: Do you say ‘daylight saving time’  or do you say ‘daylight savings time’?   I ask because I heard a radio announcer  get a little bent out of shape  by persons’ referring to it in the latter way.   Really?   Then I realized that I usually…