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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Oak Tree

Weekend Reflections: Longaberger Baskets

Signs, Signs: No Smoking

ABC Wednesday: U as in Unique

The definition of the word 'unique,' according to the Oxford Dictionary: adjective- being the only one of its kind;  unlike anything else
One could say that each of these roses is unique. Not one is exactly like the other in this bouquet because they are not  manufactured  or man-made. That is a quality that I love about nature.  Each of us is unique, even identical twins are not exactly alike in every way.  Yet, the wordunique is being bandied about on radio, television and  in the written media as if it is an adjective  with degrees of quality. As in, It's the most unique home we've seen. Is it important that the definition of unique is being lost?   I believe that it is. Why bother having definitions  if the meanings of words are no longer important? Please, I know that new words and meanings are constantly being added due to new discoveries and new inventions. But is the media telling us that there is nothingunique left in this world?

Mornings with Mary: Virgin Mother and Infant Jesus

linked to Morning with Mary at Rebecca's inspirational  Recuerda Mi Corazon
“It was to a virgin woman  that the birth of the Son of God was announced.   It was to a fallen woman  that His Resurrection was announced.” ~Fulton J. Sheen, Life of Christ~
The image is from the trip made in 2005 to the National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Corpus Christi Sunday

hymn: "O Saving Host" or "O Salutaris Hostia"
O saving Victim, opening wide, The gate of heaven to man below! Our foes press on from every side; Thine aid supply, thy strength bestow.
To Thy great name by endless praise, Immortal Godhead, one in Three; Oh, grant us endless length of days, In our true native land with Thee. Amen