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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: At St. Francis

I've stopped before the door, delighting in the play of light and shadow, I take my shot for posterity; then in I go to experience  the delight of being fed by my Lord and Savior.
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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Among the Tulips

shadow o'er tulips almost monstrous in its size hoping it's benign!
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John Newton and "Amazing Grace"

A Reflection on Today's Reading  In our parish bulletin, the Reflection on today's scripture reading refers to John Newton who wrote "Amazing Grace." I found this so like the scripture verse in Matthew 8:26 when the apostles' fear became so great that they woke Jesus  that I had to share it with my readers.
Newton had been a slave trader and a drunk  when a violent storm threatened to sink his ship  with all those aboard.   For the first time in his life, he prayed. He was saved as were those on his ship.  After that episode, he quit the slave trade and spent the remainder of his life repenting,  writing hymns,  and eventually becoming a minister. Remember this tale which sums up the grace  given Newton by God whenever singing or hearing this hymn.
More details of his life can be found hereandhere.

Weekend Reflections: Tiny Car

photos taken evening  before the Easter Vigil at my parish church

teeny vehicle  smartly adorned bysilver and lusciouscherry
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Weekend Reflections: Goodwill Store

Goodwill Store newest location sales galore!
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Signs, Signs: Garden Ministry

inspired sign touting parish garden ministry and those volunteers

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My Sky #46: Ominous Clouds

ominous dark sky forecast: precipitation rain where'er I look
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ABC Wednesday: R

Words beginning with R abound in my family. *My maiden name was Rude. *So my dad's nickname was Rudy. *My momma's first name was Rose. However, she was always addressed as RoseAlice  as if Alice was not her middle name but part of her first name. *My middle name is for my maternal grandmother Ruth. *My married surname is Ruttan. So do I hit the jackpot today for so many names beginning with R?
ha, ha!
sharing with ABC Wednesday created by Mrs. Nesbitt, continued by Roger, and hosted this week by Leslie

Mondays with Mary: One Little Rose

One Little Rose
I would rather have one little rose From the garden of a friend Than to have the choicest flowers  When my stay on earth must end.
I would rather have one pleasant word In kindness said to me  Than flattery when my heart is still And life has ceased to be.
I would rather have a loving smile From friends I know are true Than tears shed round my casket When this world I’ve bid adieu.
Bring me all your flowers today Whether pink, or white, or red; I’d rather have one blossom now Than a truckload when I’m dead.
When I googled the title of the prayer, I was led to a site about  Little Rose Farron who was stigmatic and lived her last years able to consume only the Eucharist and liquid foods. Little Rose Farron in a state of ecstasy (image found here)
sharing with Hettienne's Mondays with Mary