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Showing posts from April 20, 2014

Signs, Signs: Hair Salon

I’m curious as to whether this sign 
lures people needing haircuts 
through the door of this salon.  
Perhaps it’s my age, 
but being told that I look ridiculous, 
would hasten my turning away from here.  

I do like the pun of the sign  beside the shop’s entrance, but I did send a message  to Hue's owner on their Facebook page,  asking  about the shop's right  to use Christopher Walken's image.
What do you think?
sharing with  Lesley's Signs, Signs

ABC Wednesday: Ordination

a childhood playmate called by God to the priesthood my call- wife and mom
ordination: the action of conferring holy orders on someone.

sharing with ABC Wednesday, created by Mrs. Nesbitt and hosted this week by Roger

Mondays with Mary: Easter Vigil

The dark prior to the Light of our risen Christ, Mary’s faithful Son.

Hallelujah, He is risen! 

sharing with Hettienne's Mondays with Mary