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Showing posts from February 9, 2014

Haiku My Heart: Valentine Dance

May your heart dance to the tune of abiding love for God and others.
linking with love  for others at dear Rebecca's Haiku My Heart

Random 5 Friday: On Valentine's Day

1. Repeatedly, I am surprised to find that once again it is Friday!   It should be no surprise, right?   After all, I’ve lived 73 years in this cycle of weeks.   Yet, when I start reading folks whose blogs   I admire, BAM! Here it is…Friday!
2. I had four very pleasant emails to open on Monday-  four ebooks that had been on my Amazon Wish List  for my Kindle,  thanks to two granddaughters and their significant guys.

3. The temperature in our Hoosier state  topped out yesterday at 32F.   A veritable heat wave  compared to subzero temperatures  we’ve endured this month.
4. I was treated to a movie this week, “Monuments Men.”   It’s based on a true event from WWII,  an inspiring story about the world’s great art being rescued from the Nazis.  It’s worth wandering out from a cozy hearth to see.
5. Being Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking of the amazing insight  my then 19 year old granddaughter had  for my first Valentine’s Day without my husband.   I was totally taken aback  wwen I felt the bottom fall out of my wo…

Ein Stuck Himmel #102: Winter Sky

winter sky, burgeoning billows, God's canvas.
happy to be linking to Tina's Piece of Heaven: Ein Stuck Himmel 

ABC Wednesday: Ecaudate

Ting Ting at the top, Jax in the bottom portion, checking out Momma.
Neither of my kitties is ecaudate;  Jax has a fluffy tail and Ting Ting has a sleek one.
Ecaudate: definition found here
linking to  ABC Wednesday, created by Mrs. Nesbitt, hosted this week by Roger

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Snow Piles

big evergreen tree, even bigger shadow cast outside my window

leaving church lot

my neighbor has bigger snow piles  no contest between us!
my home in sight
starting the turn  to my home sweet home
linking to Shadow Shot Sunday 2 graciously brought to us by Gemma Wiseman, Chubskulit Rose and Magical Mystical Teacher