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Weekend Reflections #238: Allstate Windows

As in the deep, resonating voice of Dennis Haysbert, "You're in good hands at Allstate!" And, I am.
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Good Friday 2014

Good Friday
Passion of our Lord
for our sins 1. the Passion of our Lord...
(The Liturgy Readings can be found here.)
our Lord stripped of His clothes,
the altar stripped of its cloths

Solemn Intercessory Prayers

2. Veneration of the Cross:
"Behold the wood of the Cross,
on which hung the salvation of the world."
R "Come, let us adore."

3. no Mass celebrated
 Holy Communion received
from that left from Holy Thursday
now...the tabernacle- empty 

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Haiku My Heart

Signs, Signs: Bail Bonds

location handy, catty-cornered from the jail bail bond business
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Holy Thursday 2014

Holy Thursday Post April 17, 2014

Holy Mary, I beg of you to assist me  in avoiding the act of adding  to the wounds of your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ.   Guide my hands to do God’s work.   Direct my thoughts to bring glory  to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.    Help me to see Christ in the faces of whomever I meet,  whether at my own door, at church,  or in the check-out lines or in traffic.   Keep my mind ever aware of the gifts  for which God has provided me  and to give thanks at all times.   Help me to enter into this Triduum-  Mass of the Last Supper,

Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion  and Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord-   with sincerity and deep love in my heart,  true piety and faithful attention  to all that occurs at your Son’s altar.   I ask all of this by your intercession  to Your Son, Christ our Lord. Amen.

ABC Wednesday: Norma

Norma, June 6, 1940
wonders of wonders, a babe's studio portrait by her great-uncle
My family was fortunate to have an uncle who owned a photography studio. Consequently, this portrait of me was shot by this same uncle, named Barney H. Kern. Of course, it was not shot with color film, since it was taken in the year of my birth, 1940. I do not know the process how the coloring  was done, but I know that it was hand-colored after the film was developed. Perhaps you noticed that his logo was also hand written. sharing with  ABC Wednesday hosted this week by Joy

Vintage Weekly: Easter 1965

Easter 1965 at My Parents' Home By this time, my maternal grandmother had come to live with my parents.   Standing beside her is a much younger cousin of mine.  This photo sparks warm memories  of my parents’ open door policy of welcoming family members  who were in need of a stopping place  due to life’s circumstances whether it be financial or health.   My grandmother’s age was 71.   Now, at this time of my life, I am three years older than she was.  
sharing with Jane's Vintage Weekly #99