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Update on Quilted Memories

quilt filled with mem’ries, remnants of my loved one’s shirts artistic stitch’ry
This quilt was made by a cousin of middle son's wife. The only contributions I made were hubby's shirts and the request  of medium blue. I hope you noted husband's  patch on the left identifying that he was a correctional officer,  the pocket from his uniform jacket and the heart. I was told yesterday that JoAnn has completed the quilt and will be mailing it out Monday. Color me ecstatic!
linking with delight to  Rebecca's Haiku My Heart

Here's an update on my memory quilt:
>On one quilt corner JoAnn put a pocket from my husband's jacket. And today, I remembered that I had the pins that my husband wore  on his uniform jacket. Thankfully, I kept them in a dresser drawer  with easy access to them.
>On another corner, she put  the Indiana Department of Corrections patch. >On the reverse side of the quilt, 
at the pocket corner,
is this pocket from another shirt.
>Plus I wanted to share how the quilt  looks…

ABC Wednesday: Undern

my daily undern,  apples and peanut butter,  always enjoy it!
undern (dialectal):  a light meal in the forenoon or in the afternoon
sharing with  ABC Wednesday created by Mrs. Nesbitt hosted this week by Roger

Signs, Signs: Savage's Ale House

Savage's Ale House, wond'ring: "Is the food good?" how about the ale?
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Mondays with Mary: Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament

Blessed are you, Mary,  exalted Daughter of Sion! You are highly favored and full of grace,  for the Spirit of God descended upon you.
We magnify the Lord  and rejoice with you  for the gift of the Word made flesh,  our bread of life and cup of joy.
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament,  our model of prayer in the Cenacle,  pray for us that we may become what we receive,  the body of Christ your son. Amen.
sharing with Hettienne's Mondays with Mary

Vintage Weekly: My Sweet Aunt

my aunt Billie Rae dressed up for the wedding  of her younger brother
She was a marvelous friend as well as an aunt for she was only five years older than I. I miss her sweetness and her long 'chapter' letters which would begin on one day and be continued on another day, and sometimes sustained for days.
I wish that I had kept all of them, but I do have the one she wrote to me  just days before Charles and I married in 1958.
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