Eternally in My Heart

Eternally in My Heart
Lord, grant Charles eternal rest in Your loving arms.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Update on Quilted Memories

quilt filled with mem’ries,
remnants of my loved one’s shirts
artistic stitch’ry

This quilt was made by a cousin
of middle son's wife.
The only contributions I made
were hubby's shirts and the request 
of medium blue.
I hope you noted husband's 
patch on the left identifying that he was
a correctional officer, 
the pocket from his uniform jacket
and the heart.
I was told yesterday that JoAnn
has completed the quilt
and will be mailing it out Monday.
Color me ecstatic!

linking with delight
Rebecca's Haiku My Heart

Here's an update on my memory quilt:

>On one quilt corner JoAnn put a
pocket from my husband's jacket.
And today, I remembered that I had
the pins that my husband wore 
on his uniform jacket.
Thankfully, I kept them in a dresser drawer 
with easy access to them.

>On another corner, she put 
the Indiana Department of Corrections patch.
>On the reverse side of the quilt, 
at the pocket corner,
is this pocket from another shirt.

>Plus I wanted to share how the quilt 
looks on my bed.

I get a warm feeling every time
I walk into or through my bedroom.
Again, thank you, JoAnn,
for making this heirloom.


Lea said...

Hello again Nonnie, I just tried to post but think it got lost! I will see if this works and try again if it goes through.

Lea said...

Oh Nonnie! This is so beautiful! I can imagine that it will be like a hug from your dear love... and I can also imagine putting some sort of little keepsake in that pocket. This beautiful quilt is so meaningful and lovingly made. I know you will enjoy it dearly. Thank you for sharing it with us!

judie said...

Wow, that's awesome. How exciting to have such a treasure.

Mascha said...

What a nice way of remembrance and a great work, this quilt!

I have previously stitched collage-images of fabric and in many garments, children clothes from me, etc. .. that was similar. Quilting is not such a popular tradition in Germany ...
Have a great and quiet sunday :-)

Lenora said...

I have always wanted to make on of these, to wrap myself in the comfort and love of family. As a girl i thought it insanely romantic and wore my boyfriends shirts for the sheer bliss of it, today i do the same with my husbands especially when he is away.

Laura said...

How precious this is. May it be a comfort all your days.