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Shadow Shot Sunday 2: In Church

Holy Week preview statues covered in purple the waiting color

feast of Palm Sunday Christ's triumphant entering  into Jerusalem

sharing with hostess Rose at Shadow Shot Sunday 2 and with Gattina
Lunch Break

Weekend Reflections #237: Selfies

take your pick of my reflected  selfies here
sharing with James' Weekend Reflections #237

My Random 5: April 11

1. My 3-year-old great-granddaughter is taking ballet lessons.   God bless the young women who teach dance to children who are this young. Myah's momma took this picture.
2. Two of my granddaughters called me this week to tell me they miss me.   What heart-warming sounds for this grandmother’s ears.
 Granddaughter's sister took this picture.
I snapped this photo  while granddaughter was working  in the pharmacy.
3. Thursday, my soul was bolstered when I went to confession face-to-face.  I had concerns that needed being addressed and our pastor,  like all good priests I presume, is an exceptional listener.   He also gave me suggestions to help me improve my prayer time.
4. What a pleasure it was to be outside yesterday  without having to don a coat!
5. I look forward to Holy Week and the Easter Triduum.   Holy Thursday at St. Francis helps me feel a oneness  with Christ and His Apostles by having my feet washed by another.   In turn, each person washes another person’s feet after theirs are wash…

Signs, Signs: No Parking

sign reads: NO PARKING notice ignored by driver ticket in future?
sharing with Lesley's Signs, Signs

ABC Wednesday: Masonic

Stopped by the red light, out came my cam'ra...ready, set, click, here it is!

You may be able to perceive the words "MASONIC TEMPLE"  on the building.  For this magnificent Gothic Revival  edifice was built for the fraternity of Masons. Frank Ball, a 33rd degree Mason, offered up $150,000 in order that an auditorium be built within the temple and be under control of the Masons.  His expectation was to provide a place for high-level entertainments  to be held in Muncie and that he saw the building  of the new Masonic Temple as the ideal place.   Starting in 1920, with the estimated cost of $250,000, for the project,  the construction was completed in 1926  with the final cost of $1,000,000.   The renowned architect was Cuno Kibele,  and Gustav S. Brand created twenty-two murals for the building’s interior. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. The temple is now primarily used  by the Cornerstone Center for the Arts.   It offers classes and events for al…

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: County Jail

County jail's shadow evokes formidable fear of imprisonment!
sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday 2 hosted this week by Gemma Wiseman