Eternally in My Heart

Eternally in My Heart
Lord, grant Charles eternal rest in Your loving arms.

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Random 5 for April 4

1. I was privileged to have been in a jam-packed Emens Auditorium
 yesterday afternoon to listen to the compelling story of Eva Mozes Kor.  
She is not only a Holocaust survivor, 
but she and her twin sister Miriam survived 
the inhuman experiments done on twins by Josef Mengele, 
known as “The Angel of Death.”  
When my two friends and I arrived at the lecture hall, 
there were curtains drawn across the half closest to the stage, 
and the balcony was closed.  
As the time drew nearer to our viewing
the documentary film "Forgiving Dr. Mengele", 
we noticed that the curtains were drawn back esposing the back half, 
and the balcony seats were being filled.  
Ball State University’s Jewish Studies Program and Emen’s staff 
were not prepared for so many of us 
wanting to hear Eva’s story.  
The film documents time and again that the Holocaust did happen. 
And this story should be told again and again 
so that those who dare to revise this part of our history 
will have no audience.  
Thanks are owed to the innumerable people and organizations 
who funded this program.   
We Muncie citizens are fortunate to have Ball State 
and all the town’s people who make events like this one happen.  
Eva Mozes Kor has her own Holocaust museum in Terre Haute, Indiana.  
Detailed information can be found at this link.

2. Our Bible Study facilitator and her husband 
traveled to Rome this past week.  
She brought back for each of us ladies 
a choice of religious medals.  
How generous of her and her husband!  
I chose a John Paul II medal.   

3. Spring in Muncie, Indiana, 
seems to have taken its own spring break…
away from here.  
However, April Showers are in full swing.  
We have had so much rain that there are flood warnings.

4. My book club friends and I are now reading an oldie, but goodie- 
The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.  
I am having a good time rereading it
because it has been many years since I first read it. 

5. Our parish has a new and faster way 
of connecting with us parishioners via  
It came in handy early this evening- 
I received a text reminding me of The Stations of the Cross.  
The booklet our parish is currently using 
is from our Mother Mary’s point of view.  
One of our women parishioners read Mary's words,
increasing the heartfelt meaning of the words,
penetrating my soul.

Even though Nancy 
is taking a well-needed
spring break,
I am still posting
my random 5.


colleen said...

If she comes to this area I would go to hear her talk.
Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom ... Let it be were the words we sang to my brother Dan on his death bed.

judie said...

Your ramdom 5 is very, very lovely. And how sweet that you received a medal all the way from Rome. That is a special gift.