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Haiku My Heart: Harvest Moon

harvest moon
lighting my path way
through the night
facts about the Harvest Moon
can be found here
harvest moonlight
edited with Holga
stunning result

harvest moon 
hiding in the tree
show yourself!

linked lovingly
Haiku My Heart

hosted by
dear Rebecca

and linked to
Weekly Top Shot #101


J C said…
Oh my gosh. I can finally comment. I have tried and tried, and even contacted (is it Discus?) to fix it for me. Now, I am so excited that I forgot what I wanted to say. LOL Oh yes, the harvest moon. Is it that time again already? Well, I don't think I will miss summer this year.
Priti Lisa said…
Hi Norma♥, first-ly I think it is fun of you to do haiku in so many syllable forms...something so creative! And the moon...I know,
isn't she just grand?
Your pictures are really terrific, almost blinding.
We all see the same moon.
Have you thought anymore about a creative writing blog? ♥ ♥ ♥
Anonymous said…
I love your harvest moons! I'm watching my harvest moon as it clears the trees for another evening of moon viewing. I wrote about the moon too!
I love them all, especially the harvest moon hiding in the tree!
Nonnie said…
thank you, Lulu, just looking at prompted me to capture it!
Nonnie said…
I did visit you. I loved it!
Nonnie said…
I have, but haikus seem to be my strongest form. Other than that I struggle.
Nonnie said…
sorry about that, Judie, I eliminated capcha some time ago, trying to make commenting more accessible. I don't really know what Discus is, I know that it presents problems to me when I attempt to comment on some blogs.
Anonymous said…
SO lovely... the lady of the night, out moon! Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on Weekly Top Shot #101!
Anonymous said…
It was a lovely moon!

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