Eternally in My Heart

Eternally in My Heart
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Friday, November 2, 2012

At James' Weekend Reflections: Day of the Dead

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Yes, I know that Halloween is past, but today is All Souls Day or as Mexico titles it-
Dia de los Muertos. So I feel that it is suitable.Yesterday was All Saints Day in the Catholic faith.  Father gave us a little history about this holy day-
Each time there was a martyr for his/her faith, a day was memorialized for that person.  Through the years, there were more martyrs than days in a year.  Thus, All Saints Day was formed.
I like the idea of honoring the dead the way the faithful do in Mexico. Years ago, a student's parent, originally from Mexico, celebrated Day of the Dead with my class. It impacted my first graders and me.
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File:Mexico-Day of the Dead altar.jpg
Day of the Dead altar photographed by Steve Bridges


HansHB said...

Nice photos, lovely colours!

'Tsuki said...

Halloween is indeed past, but there is no time like the present to enjoy it, specially with a good reflection !

I went on the same path than you...

Audrey said...


paix a nos morts..

Susan said...

New blog! Yay! I see you as an added follower, so it must have been a little time delay.
Thanks for stopping by. I've been really hit or miss on blogging for a long time. With winter approaching, I hope to be a little more active again.
Why not post a little after Halloween image? It works for me.