Eternally in My Heart

Eternally in My Heart
Lord, grant Charles eternal rest in Your loving arms.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Postcards from Paradise: Dedication

 a dedication
to the mem'ry of my mom
from my hubs and me

After Mass a few weeks ago,
my former partner teacher
told me that she has been
repairing our song books
by taping the covers to the insides
of the well-worn books.
She had run across a book
with my dedication in it.
(on the chapel side where I
normally sit.)  
In the ten years or more
that I've sat there,
I had not run across
this particular hymnal,
and consequently,
I'd forgotten about it.
 (Our parish members had
helped with the big outlay
of money for the new books
by sponsoring a dedication slip.)
So I opened and closed books
for the hope 
that I'd spot it.  
Not successful that week. 
But, of course, since I posted
it, you can see I was finally
fruitful in my seeking.
I chose this photo with the hope
that this ''postcard' 
might be from Paradise!

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gma said...

Very Special. Hope you are able to keep that hymnal.

Stephanie said...

how very special to have run into the copy with your dedication!

girlunwinding said...

LIke finding buried treasure~ blessings of times past.

Cheryl said...

Isn't it amazing? A present from Heaven when we least expect it and need it most.

rebecca said...

dear nonnie,
this is deeply touching and i am so happy for the discovery! i want to thank you also for your lovely prayer and gorgeous sharing of the sacred heart which arrived today, much to my delight!
thank you for your love and kindness.