Eternally in My Heart

Eternally in My Heart
Lord, grant Charles eternal rest in Your loving arms.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Signs, Signs: New Grocery Store

25 cents charged
for use of carts when shopping
to prevent stealing

I've presumed on the reason
for a fee for use of the carts,
gleaning from my experience
of seeing carts elsewhere than
stores' parking lots and
inside the store.
Aldi is the only other store
in our town that does this.
Seldom having quarters handy,
I take my reusable bags to Aldi,
seeing that I buy only what
my bag will hold. 

I did a walk-through
to check the sign's trueness,
found it factual!

10 cents is the cost,
so far, cheapest of any
I've spotted elsewhere.

linking to Lesley's
Signs, Signs


Lesley said...

Are those 10¢ reusable bags the plastic ones? We used to have to pay 5¢ but I only shop where they are free. The reusable ones are usually 99¢

Anonymous said...

Aldi is the only such store in our area that does this with the carts. I've grown to like it. I find it frustrating when shopping at the regular grocery stores and folks just leave the carts loose out in the parking lot when they are finished. It's usually only a few extra steps to take it to a cart corral, but apparently many find this an inconvenience. We always take our own reusable bags, too.

By the way, want to say that I really like your blog header image - very pretty!

Thanks for commenting on my Brazil signs. Glad they gave you a memory to a happy time! :-)